Jello - Joomla and Trello integration plugin

You can use Jello to display lists from your boards or cards from lists. Jello works only with public Trello boards and lists.

Don't forget to set API key and enable plugin after install.

API key can be obtained here

Syntax to display lists from board:

[jello type="lists" id="board_id"]
Syntax to display cards from list:
[jello type="cards" id="list_id"]

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Lists from Jello board

  • ToDo
  • Questions and suggestions

[jello type="lists" id="qT0Z1mDe"]

Cards from ToDo list from Jello board

[jello type="cards" id="56a249620a431b59f230253f"]

You can check you lists ids using this URL:[board_url]?lists=open&list_fields=name&fields=name&key=[api_key]

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